BNQ token

Bonq's Governance Token
On Feb 1st, 2023 Bonq protocol was exposed to oracle hack
Protocol is at the moment paused. Recommended course of actions is, to visit Bonq app and withdraw any available Trove collaterals. Bonq repaid all debts on the remaining troves, so collaterals can be withdrawn! Any other actions, that are not officially communicated, please withhold on them.
Please bear with us and thank you for your understanding.
BNQ utility token is used to monetize the value of Bonq’s ecosystem of partners, business clients and end-users. The value that comes from the Bonq platform is returned to the BNQ token holders.
The total BNQ tokens minted at genesis is 1'000'000'000 and allocated as follows:
  • Community rewards and incentives (50%)
  • Operating budget (23%)
  • Early adopters (10%)
  • Founders (12%)
  • Investments and grants for impact projects (5%)
The 50% allocation to the community rewards and incentives will help accelerate adoption, tech development, stability pool staking and will provide liquidity to BEUR trading pairs.
Tokens for founders and contributors are subject to a 3-year vesting period.
BNQ tokens can be purchased from different exchanges or acquired by providing BEUR liquidity to the stability pool and earning staking rewards.