Bonq DAO_discord Forum

Basic guides on how to access DAO forum chats
As part of our DAO transition, we are introducing token-gated access for DAO Forum chats on our discord server.
To be eligible to enter Bonq DAO Forum, the user needs hold at least 1 BNQ token on wallet balance (on Polygon) and use the CollabLand bot feature to "one-time connect" wallet, where no gas or tx cost is charged (it is only sign option).
As long as user have at least 1 BNQ in the wallet, access to Forums is always automatically granted.
Following you may find a quick step-by-step guide where we captured all the important steps.

If not already a member, you have to join BonqDAO discord and verify yourself as community member.

Under 🪂│Welcome category navigate to 🤝│dao-chat-access

Select Let's go! button and next bot chat window will open

Custom link to connect is valid for 5 minutes! Collab.Land ( asks you to sign this message for the purpose of verifying your account ownership. This is READ-ONLY access and will NOT trigger any blockchain transactions or incur any fees.

Select Connect Wallet and you should see next pop-up window

Confirm with Yep! and you will be redirected to next page

Select among 28 options to connect your wallet and confirm

Make sure you logged on Polygon mainnet network!
The update may take up to 2 minutes to complete. Close this window and return to Discord.

Please check the 🤝│dao-chat-access channel in server BonqDAO for your role status.

You should see next pop-up window with assigned role DAO member


Now you have access to 🏅│BonqDAO 2.0 category and underlying forum channels.